GeoDB comes to the market at a crucial time. Dozens of studies confirm that big data will be worth trillions in the next decade, and taking into account that big data needs verifiable and reliable information to obtain quality results, we can ask ourselves, why is nobody worried about guarantee that analytics are carried out using REAL information?
Let’s not be deluded, big companies are worried about it, for those who are not worried it’s for us. You know it, they are taking your data without your consent, they are earning thousands of dollars thanks to it, and you accept it because you do not have an alternative. Until now.
With GeoMarket we propose a REAL alternative to manage how users provide their information and how data scientists obtain them. Thanks to DLT technologies we can create a trusted solution in which users can obtain a fair reward for their information and data scientists can perform their analytics using it.
A global, unified and complete place to look in which security, privacy, credibility and immutability are guaranteed by default. It sounds great, right?

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