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GeoDB is building the first decentralized location data digital marketplace.

Enabling users from around the world to gain control, transparency and value from their self-generated data, bringing the crypto culture directly into their pockets.

GeoDB is currently in a private token sale phase, only accesible to accredited investors.

A decentralised Big Data location protocol that will return value to its creators, the users.

The time has come to democratise the big data monopoly.

There are 7 billion people in this planet, and each one of us is totally different from the rest.

Special. Unique.

Nowadays, your “you” has a digital projection. And your digital “you” is constantly being measured, tracked down, transformed into numbers and sold out to the highest bidder.

We are all losing the control of ourselves in the digital era, and what’s worse, without our consent.

We want YOU to take back yourself and be the only captain of your own ship.

Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.

Big data is becoming one of the most valuable assets in the world. Personal information is an economic resource that we are giving up in exchange of digital services.

GeoDB aims to completely disrupt the big data market as we know it.

Its protocol, based on blockchain technology, will clear friction and gain transparency between data creators and data buyers.

Thanks to GeoDB’s supply and princing models, both players will take the leading roles, by interacting in a fair, just and trusted marketplace.

It’s a circular, organic and perfectly assembled & tokenized model in which each of the players are gaining huge value.

GeoDB Universal Data Pool

Users data will be uploaded to a decentralized and encrypted protocol, directly by them or through any third party digital company.

The tokenised ecosystem will reward these users (and/or companies) with GEO tokens, which of course will feature in the most popular crypto exchanges.

Subsequently, big data seekers can send queries to the generated data pool in order the access the information paying in GEO tokens, and thus closing the circle.

Data Uploaders
Data Buyers

Our partners in crime

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GeoDB is supported by a Malta based corporation, whose mandate is to democratize the crypto culture by ensuring open access to the protocol and platform, providing data governance, encouraging the network ecosystem growth and safeguarding that the platform becomes ever more decentralized with time.


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