GeoDB is formed by world-class talent entrepreneurs, developers and designers from all over the world.

International and diversified

GeoDB is a global company, and therefore both members and investors come from all over the world.

10+ years expertise

From the founding members and management team in technology and big data industry.

Frictionless coordination

An assembled and optimized structure which operates like a clock to deliver the absolute best results.

Luis Gelado

Founder & CEO

Sacha Gordillo

Founder & COO

Manuel de la Esperanza

Founder & Advisor

Francisco Gordillo

Founder & Advisor

Fco. Javier Estrella


Rafael Rodriguez

Tech Lead & Software Engineer

Javier Cabello

DLT Engineer

Andrés Barriga

Senior Backend Engineer

Esteban López

DLT Engineer

Fco. José Diego

Chief Big Data Engineer

Álvaro García

Senior Big Data Engineer

Daniel Ventas

Big Data Architect

Luis Miguel Navarro

Senior Android Developer

Víctor del Val

Senior Frontend Developer

Francisco J. Quesada

Software Engineer

Jorge Castro

Software Engineer

Jose Hidalgo

Senior iOS Developer

Fernando Calo

Senior Backend Engineer

Daniel Martín


Jorge Salazar

UX/UI Designer

Jonay García

Visual Designer

Alexander Chevtaev

Blockchain Manager

Cristina Romero de Alba

Corporate Lawyer

Anant Singh

Head of Marketing

Álvaro Gómez Haro

DLT Engineer


Pepe López De Ayala

Digital & Strategy Advisor

Pablo Clemente

Technology Advisor

Soroush Meshkat

Middle East Investor Relationships

Miriam Godoy

BizDev Advisor

Ana García

Legal Advisor

Santiago Carabantes

Funding Advisor

We are hiring!

Are you awesome? We’re looking for passionate and curious people to join our growing team.

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